Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hello new year!

I've taken a nice long vacation from blogging. Although I was never regular, this is prolly the longest break.
I've read through a lot of blogs where people promise themselves they'll blog more frequently. Id love to do so too. except I wont promise myself any of that sort. With a lazy lump like me, one really cant expect too much writing. Tho i do spend a LOT of time thinking and writing my thoughts in a few words or sentences at the back of my book or notes. I somehow don't have all that same enthusiasm while blogging. but what the hell i will try. Adi Alex, Imtina and me

okay then. i should go get some wine out to toast to my very first post of the new year. salut!

oh ps: i have put up a picture of my sibs and me taken on 31st December. we had gone to the farm for a family picnic.

Adi Alex, Imtina and me and our dear 10 year old van at the back.


  1. I see you had a lot os small posts last year..i have a lot of reading to do here ;-)
    But congo on the new beginning!!

  2. damn i wish you promised to blog more. but
    entertain me na! i am so bored AND busy at the same time. and so need an escape.