Sunday, December 6, 2009

number plate obsession.

I must say i've been obsessing over number plates. i don't know when it started or how exactly - but its been years since i did.
iv always tried to get an 8 out of the numbers. unless the number plate has an 8 already like 1987(the year i was born)! if not - i would add, subtract, multiply,divide to somehow get an 8. why 8? i dont know. its not even my favorite number. 5 is.

my newest search is to find my atm pin number on a number plate. hopefully id find it on a nice car, not on an auto =) and take a picture. iv made shakey help me with my search too. sometimes its like he is more into it than i am. haha.

BLOG EDIT on Jan 20th

This vacation: on the drive back home from the farm. This bolero had the number plate ml 01 1987. that is may 1st 1987 (My BIRTHDAY). awesome noh?! but sadly this was the best picture we could get.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

attention span

i cant always read a big chunk of text. i have a real short attention span.
its prolly a.d.d. i just tried reading a blog but had to switch.

a thought - im watchin tv.
a girl is kidnapped - is being pushed into the bonnet of the car.
screaming she asks "where are you taking me?"
kidnapper replies "somewhere safe"
would you trust him a lil?

bus ride plan

Sit at the back of the bus.
turn up the volume on your mp3
watch peoples heads bob as the bus moves
and watch their lips move as then talk
(except all you can hear is your music, your closely selected playlist).

i quite enjoy doing all the above =)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

why your resume gets tossed.

it hasnt yet. but i just read this online.
so why not post it here.
easy access also.

The average recruiter sees 5,000 resumes a year. Any legitimate reason she finds to make one disappear makes her life that much easier -- and yours that much harder. Here, top-level recruiters reveal how candidates blow their chances to get a foot in the door.

Numbers Don't Add Up

If accomplishments can be quantified, do it -- but use discretion. Brandishing borderline performance numbers signals a lack of experience and bad judgment. "Phrases like 'managed a budget of $500,000' or 'led a team of two' might catch my eye in a bad way," warns Olaf Weckesser, a former recruiter for McKinsey & Co. Better to spin it as "managed company's largest budget."

Adds Alexandra DeMarino, a Citigroup recruiter: "If a small number is impressive, you absolutely have to put it in context." Because you can't provide context for academic numbers, don't include GMAT scores below 650 if you're targeting a top firm. DeMarino suggests bragging about nothing less than a 3.7 GPA.

Formality Takes a Vacation

Don't succumb to the informality of email. "If you send a cover letter by email that starts with 'Hi,' it and your resume will probably end up in the trash," says Cynthia Shore, an assistant dean at the University at Buffalo School of Management and former director of its career-resource center. Treat an email as you would a proper letter: Instead of "Hi," write "Dear Mr. Case." Instead of "Thanks," conclude with "Sincerely."

Keywords Are Overused

It's true that recruiters sometimes use scanners to sort through resumes looking for certain keywords. But resumes appear contrived when candidates consciously try to include them. Describing a business-development position using such terms as "needs assessment" and "contract analysis" in order to squeeze in more keywords is a misguided strategy. Assume that a human being -- not a computer -- will be reading the resume. After all, these days fewer than 25 percent of all recruiters even use scanners.

Things Get Too Personal

"If you mention your age, we have to trash your resume," says Jeremy Eskenazi, vice president of talent acquisition at Idealab!, the California incubator firm. Since it's illegal for a company to solicit a candidate's age, race, or marital status during the hiring process, firms have adopted a "don't tell" policy to avoid potential bias suits. Many won't risk even having it handed to them.

It Looks Too Fancy

"A recruiter who receives resumes in pretty plastic folders will likely toss them," says Dave Opton, CEO and founder of ExecuNet, an online executive recruiting service. "I don't have time to take the damn things apart." Another faux pas: Folding a resume so that it fits into a standard business envelope. Heavy-stock paper that retains its crease can be a nuisance. Says Opton: "They're easier to store and photocopy if they're flat."

Also, don't try to differentiate your resume with boxes or ornate lettering. When recruiters see a resume that's designed differently, they think the person's trying to hide something. Instead, focus on content. Your resume will rise to the top of the pile.

Monday, September 21, 2009

the little girl who asked me where i bot the eggs made my day.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

im tryin to personalize this blog little more.

Monday, September 14, 2009

6 things on the bus

  1. sleeping couple - drooling + eating stuff
  2. staring ppl
  3. girl staring out - with lady holdinghead
  4. man offers seat to lady when another man takes it.
  5. hot biker
  6. i cant remember

Sunday, September 13, 2009

How can she slap? How can she slap?

you have to watch this!
i think the girl deserved it! feel bad he starts crying almost in the end!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

our way

People always find their way through. the highest peak, the moon, the deep sea.
its funny.
A part of one road that leads to school had been dug up. But amidst all of that diggin, people still managed to make a lil narrow path to walk across.
i used it too and thot - people are real efficient when it comes to one's convenience.
lucky me =)

what i found.

going through old pictures and this is one of those rare times we all dressed up in black.
so i had to put it up - kala, nee and pree.
without them college wouldnt be the same.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Walk Man.

i dont know why i named it that.

anyway - i was walkin home and i was carrying alot of things.
my bag, my laptop, some shopping i had done.

and was complaining bout how heavy things were and wishing i had another bag or another hand.
when i noticed - the man walking infront of me - with headphones on - had only One arm.

he looked happy with no worries.

i felt like a jerk. what irony.
what a way to make me realize how fortunate i am.

(the illustration was taken from this site . i was in a hurry and didnt draw one myself)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


donny alex and i were talkin about childhood and family.

and remember WWF?? omg - the many many many characters n names.
i had always like hitman. hah.

il note down all those names we talked about. its so funny. thinking bout how crazy we were about them then.

my grandma still watches wwf btw. il post a picture soon.

Monday, August 31, 2009

i think its means the same thing!

anna and i were talking about my birthday - may 1st quite an easy date to remember.

i said "its hard to forget"
and she corrected me and said "its not hard to forget"

when they actually mean the same thing. Cool!!!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

birthday headache.

now lulu's birthday is comin and i dont know what to do.
we had an argument bout that yesterday too!

my house 13

we still had the party at our place - even if we knew there were consequences.

i thot we did it up well, - if only we took care of parking - uncle wouldnt have come.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

dosti n coffee.

two of my best frens. aby n kala.
and they did find out the link to this blog- even if i refused to tell them. HAH!

i feel lucky iv got a bunch good frens across places like these two

my blog has turned PALE!!!

can someone explain what happened?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


i was on the bus today.
and everytime im riding i start thinking of a million things i want to write about.
i just never jot them down. so again i dont remember.

but i love bus rides, they make me think so much and i love spending time thinking.
its priceless....

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

night mare wedding

I had a night mare last night.
and it wasn't the type that stopped once i got up.
it continued thrice.

well then.
i was getting married. and i don't remember most of those little details.
but everything was a rush - the wedding was planned within a day - i just saw guest pouring in. i remember people dressing me up - except my hair - i had to take care of that.
then i took one look at my wedding dress and it wasn't what i had always wished for.
It was far from it - pretty but not that great. i wanted to cry.

not just cos of that - but because a girl loves to plan her wedding. and this just seemed like it was forced and rushed.

anyway - i remember walking into the hall where everyone including the groom was waiting.
then i realize i didnt have my veil on - and someone was holding on to it.
got it on, entered, got seated and the ceremony started.
it was a mix of a hindu and christian marriage.

i had never seen the groom before. i remember holding hands. he seemed kind - but i was SO confused.

what happened after that i dont remember - but im pretty sure it went on.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Casual Uniform!

another weekend over.
im heading back to India in a weeks time.

I wore sabris uniform and casually went along with her to class - Abac.
i just had to put this up - i had fun!
the other friend is sabris friend - also called sabrina =D

Friday, June 19, 2009

Blog the Drama!

Pearls before swine - i love them!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

In the end

i drew this when i still wasn't used to the place.
i am now - but it kinda of got to me when i couldn't communicate.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


its Bangkok. but im freezing.
if you have to sit in a room with 23degree AC! i am so not use to that.
i freeze my tits off! like NOW!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The claims and blames!!

my friend sent me this blog which i thot was so relevant.
and i had to share it.

esp for us designers!

10 Misconceptions about Graphic Design – The claims and blames!!

Note: This article was submitted by a reader, Hummairr, in the forums - but I thought it was worth publishing on the front page.

Graphic Design is a very flexible career choice with combination of paths to go down. However, at times amazing claims (by my friends and clients) make me doubt my own profession. Short and sweet, graphic designers are often blamed for enjoying extra charms and advantages of their profession, which are not true in many ways.

However, to clear up some misconceptions and for a bit of fun I’ve listed together the claims and blames about Graphic Design. Considering my personal experience and adding few points from a well known blog “Creative Opera” I managed to compile 10 misconceptions about Graphic Designing below. I hope this will be helpful for designers and clients alike.

  1. Abstract designs are claimed to be silly...Aaarghh!!

    Creative masterpieces of abstract art are often tagged as “silly attempt” by most of the viewers. I have a personal experience that whenever graphic designers come up with an abstract design people find it meaningless and whacky. Such compliments are really annoying and discouraging.

  2. Graphic Designers charge more – I object!!

    As every design is different from the other so it’s a common perception that graphic designers charge high. People think that we don’t have a fixed price list so we can charge any client more for our services. Let me make clear, that every project has its own demands and the designers always charge accordingly. Surveys have proved that most of the designers are under paid especially the freelancers.

  3. It’s an easy job –Are you joking??

    Whenever I introduce myself as a designer, the first statement I get to hear is “Oh what fun it must be doing such an easy job.” It is really irritating to find graphic design being tagged as a “light and non-serious” profession. Playing with colors and design software all day long doesn’t mean that we are not into an important career.

  4. All Graphic Designers make big money – You kidding!!!!

    It’s a common notion that graphic design brings fame and fortune easily. I am sure, you all would hate me for breaking this news that its all not that easy to achieve. Designing has become such a competitive field that there are number of people willing to work for less, and unfortunately, that keeps the salary rate pretty low.

  5. Designers don’t face the client dealing difficulties – It’s not true!!

    Many people believe that designers don’t have to tolerate the nitty-gritty stuff coming from the customers. You are mistaken here…even after submitting all the details, customers won’t let the designers live in peace until they get their desired design. In fact, I think graphic designers face a lot of customer interference and keep on coming with revisions to satisfy the client.

  6. Internet can make anyone a good designer – Really??

    It’s true that internet has bulk of tutorials and tools packed up to help you design. Knowing a little Photoshop or basic techniques of web designing can never make you a professional designer. You need to have a proper degree, research, experience and know some creative graphic designing tips.

  7. Designers don’t follow any specific rules – I don’t agree:

    Graphic Designing is looked up as an easy-going and lively job, so the audience thinks that there are no specific working hours and deadlines to be met. I think no game can be won until being played by its particular rules. So, stop thinking of graphic designing as a non-serious job and realize how hard we work to get our projects done on time.

  8. Fresh college grads are instantly hired – Not that lucky

    While in college, students enjoy learning Photoshop and Illustrator and try getting some freelancing projects. This make them assume that as soon as they graduate they will be working in some multi-national company or overloaded with bulk of projects. I would say they are living in a fool’s paradise because its not an easy job to get hired.

  9. It’s easy for you to have your own company – I wish:

    Most of the students and freelancers think that soon they can start a multi-million dollar company. I would say its not smart enough to assume that you can have a company of your own with no prior experience and hard work.

  10. Designers copy each others ideas – Absolutely wrong:

    When designers mention that they take inspiration from nature, their surroundings or from other designer’s work, they are held responsible for copying other people’s work. As a designer I know that taking inspirations to come up with an innovative creative idea is part of our job but it is mean of people to blame us for copying ideas.

Listing all these myths about graphic designing doesn’t mean that I deny the scope and success about this field.We all know that every profession requires hard work and immense effort and same goes for graphic designing. Our audience and clients cannot omit graphic designing from the list of competitive professions.

Still, I am ready for all types of criticism and will like to know how many of you still find graphic designing to be an easy career comparatively. Well, for my graphic designer friends...I want you all to take this post as a platform and share other not-so-fair claims about graphic designing and let people know how much effort we put in.

english finally

im in a brand new place - and there hasn't been one person i could talk proper English to.
until fewf yesterday - i met maker. A good friend from church. and we're meeting after 3 years?

that was nice. we bought some snacks and went to my famous coffee shop and talked and talked.
even if it was a short visit. i had fun.

Friday, May 29, 2009


i had no idea i had already created this in jan. i always meant to start blogging. but didnt make enough time.
and now?! i have too much time in my hands. work is done and everyone is just chilling. thing is i would have been sitting around - talking or chatting but its a teeny weeny bit difficult to communicate here in thailand. i dont know thai and they dont know english too well.
the other reason why iv started is cos non of my good frens are online.

now that would be good for me. cos i have finally started. AH!

so proud of myself.
i had so many issues i wanted to write about. il get down to that one day.SOON i mean.