Sunday, December 6, 2009

number plate obsession.

I must say i've been obsessing over number plates. i don't know when it started or how exactly - but its been years since i did.
iv always tried to get an 8 out of the numbers. unless the number plate has an 8 already like 1987(the year i was born)! if not - i would add, subtract, multiply,divide to somehow get an 8. why 8? i dont know. its not even my favorite number. 5 is.

my newest search is to find my atm pin number on a number plate. hopefully id find it on a nice car, not on an auto =) and take a picture. iv made shakey help me with my search too. sometimes its like he is more into it than i am. haha.

BLOG EDIT on Jan 20th

This vacation: on the drive back home from the farm. This bolero had the number plate ml 01 1987. that is may 1st 1987 (My BIRTHDAY). awesome noh?! but sadly this was the best picture we could get.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

attention span

i cant always read a big chunk of text. i have a real short attention span.
its prolly a.d.d. i just tried reading a blog but had to switch.

a thought - im watchin tv.
a girl is kidnapped - is being pushed into the bonnet of the car.
screaming she asks "where are you taking me?"
kidnapper replies "somewhere safe"
would you trust him a lil?

bus ride plan

Sit at the back of the bus.
turn up the volume on your mp3
watch peoples heads bob as the bus moves
and watch their lips move as then talk
(except all you can hear is your music, your closely selected playlist).

i quite enjoy doing all the above =)